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Loads Management

Are you feeling exhausted from manually tracking loads, schedules and proof of delivery resulting in loss of revenue?

LoadMiles provides a holistic transportation management software solution to efficiently control your trucking operations, including price estimation, load creation from rate confirmation, scheduling and delivery tracking. It also calculates and manages all expenses per load.

Load Price Recommendations

Load Price is highly volatile, making it crucial for trucking companies to accurately determine costs in order to accept profitable loads. LoadMiles offers instant trip cost calculation, enabling companies to make informed decisions and accept profitable loads.

Automated Load Creation and Alerts

Due to the manual nature of load creation, the process is often time-consuming and susceptible to errors. LoadMiles’ artificial intelligence technology addresses these challenges by automating the reading of rate confirmations, load creation, human judgement application, and load tracking through all milestones.

Manage Deliveries, Create Invoices and collect payments

Track load deliveries, monitor delays, and gain real-time insights with our transportation management software. Manage deliveries, obtain proof of deliveries, and create accurate invoices. Collect online payments. Prevent revenue and cash leaks with our seamless invoice creation and collection process.


Factoring is a good way to fund trucking operations as it helps manage receivables, provides working capital, and frees up time for truckers to efficiently manage operations. LoadMiles integrates with factors and automatically transfers invoices with proof of delivery to save you time and allows access to funds quickly.

Fuel Charges

Tracking fuel charges is a crucial aspect of trucking operations, as fuel expenses can significantly impact profitability. LoadMiles tracks fuel charges by load, helps you optimize charges, and recommends fuel stops. Integrate your fuel cards with LoadMiles and never worry about data entry.

Drivers or Carriers Loads Payout

With LoadMiles Transportation Management software, easily calculate accurate driver and carrier pay calculations upon proof of delivery. Our end-to-end solution efficiently tracks hours, miles, and other essential variables to determine pay rates based on distance, hours, and percentage of revenue. Additionally, it allows you to track trip costs, generate invoices and automates payment disbursements for seamless accounting.

Loads Profitability

Track the operational and financial performance of each load and optimize deliveries with our LoadMiles Transportation Management Software. Monitor load efficiency, track costs and sales, calculate price and cost per mile, and analyze load margins. Efficiently manage cost centers to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Access all the necessary information in one convenient location for increased profitability and success
Freight Haul Loads Profitability

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