Feeling exhausted from manually tracking Jobs, materials, labor, and equipment for dump trucks?

LoadMiles offers a comprehensive dump truck logistics software solution to manage job operations and finance management, all in one centralized place.


Job Estimates and Approvals

Job Scheduling and Monitoring

Track Time and Materials

Job Performance Reports

Track Maintanance and Compliance


Invoicing and Collections Management

Delivery Statements

Pay Carriers

Expense Management

Financial Reporting

Deliver loads on any terms


Transparent Fuel Surcharge


Efficiently Charge Return Time


Prevent Errors & Disputes with Electronic Logs

Job Estimate, Proposal, and Approval

Avoid delays in job estimates and never miss an opportunity to submit electronic approval, as the delay can cause a loss of opportunity.

With LoadMiles, you can effortlessly create accurate job estimates by inputting relevant information such as material quantity, pricing, distance, and resource time. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to generate estimates and share them digitally with e-signature features, ensuring that you complete the job correctly the first time.

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Loads Schedule and Resource Planning

Today’s manual scheduling of loads can result in missed timelines, over or under delivery, and stress on resources due to inadequate planning.

With LoadMiles, Efficiently deliver materials by optimizing routes and truck capacity, saving time and resources. Schedule delivery, plan resources, and source the right trucks based on capabilities and availability. Seamlessly execute each delivery with our software, ensuring customer-approved job estimates are efficiently completed.

Create Invoices and Collect Payments

Tracking time and material quantities and charging prices as agreed in the estimate is a critical step; failure can result in a loss of revenue.

With LoadMiles, Effortlessly track deliveries, monitor job time, and gain real-time insights with our automated software. Effectively manage resources, create accurate invoices, and seamlessly collect online payments from customers. Prevent revenue and cash leaks with our complete and seamless invoice creation and collection process.

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Loads Payout

Manual tracking of the time spent on each load, as well as making payout calculations for drivers or carriers and connecting costs to jobs, is often cumbersome and can lead to errors.

Experience streamlined job cost tracking, accurate driver and carrier pay calculations, and easy load accounting with LoadMiles Dump Truck Jobs Management software. Our end-to-end solution efficiently tracks hours, mileage, and other essential variables to determine pay rates, generate invoices, and automate payment disbursements.

Jobs Profitability

Gathering various cost alignments to determine operational and financial projects is cumbersome, as the skills required are limited and the process itself is cumbersome.

Track job performance and streamline deliveries with our LoadMiles Dump Truck Job Delivery management solution. Monitor Jobs operational efficiency, track costs and sales, and analyze quantities and prices for accurate accounting. Gain a competitive advantage in the market with comprehensive tools for managing materials, labor, equipment costs, and more. Get all the information you need in one convenient place for increased profitability and success.


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